phpstorm keymap

shorcut   Description
Ctrl+Shift+N open a file with file name
Ctrl+B To navigate to the declaration of a class, method or variable used somewhere in the code, position the caret at the usage and press or You can also click the mouse on usages with the Ctrl key pressed to jump to declarations
Ctrl+F12 You can quickly navigate in the currently edited file with Ctrl+F12 (Navigate | File Structure). It shows the list of members of the current class. Select an element you want to navigate to and press the Enter key or the F4 key. To easily locate an item in the list, just start typing its name.
Shift+F6 You can easily rename your classes, methods and variables with automatic correction of all places where they are used.
just typing in the view tree The speed search is available in all the tree views: just start typing and you’ll quickly locate the necessary item.
Escape key the Escape key in any tool window moves the focus to the editor.
shift+esc Shift+Escape moves the focus to the editor and also hides the current (or last active) tool window.
F12 The F12 key moves the focus from the editor to the last focused tool window.
Ctrl+W Ctrl+W(extend selection) in the editor selects the word at the caret and then selects expanding areas of the source code. For example, it may select a method name, then the expression that calls this method, then the whole statement, then the containing block, etc. You can also select the word at the caret and the expanding areas of the source code by double-clicking the target areas in the editor.
Ctrl+Alt+V The Extract Variable refactoring helps you simplify complicated statements in your code. For example, in the code fragment below, you can select an expression in the code: and press Ctrl+Alt+V (Refactor | Extract Variable). This will result in the following:
Ctrl+P If the cursor is between the parentheses of a method call, pressing Ctrl+P brings up a list of valid parameters
Ctrl+F4 close current tab  
Ctrl+G  go to the line you put in(It’s very useful)
Ctrl+shift+alt+n  search any method and data
ctrl+alt+L reformat code
ctrl+b find the declaration of a varaible
alt+7 open file structure tool
ctrl++ expand selected code
ctrl+- collapse selected code

Use to this quickly review your recent changes to the project.



By pressing Alt+Shift+F10 you can access the Run/Debug dropdown on the main toolbar, without the need to use your mouse.


look the definition of the php functions



You can quickly view the image referenced at caret by using the Quick Definition (Ctrl+Shift+I). The underlying image will be opened in a popup instead of a separate editor tab.



It is possible to rename CSS selectors directly from HTML. Position the caret at the selector to be renamed and press Shift+F6 (Refactor | Rename)




Navigation bar is a quick alternative to the Project view.

Use Alt+Home keyboard shortcut to show the navigation bar, and arrow keys to locate the necessary files or folders.

ctrl+h show inheritance of the class
ctrl+shift+f4 close the show inheritance dialog


You can bring forward the list of all usages of a class, method or variable across the whole project, and quickly jump to the selected usage. To do that, place the caret at the symbol’s name or at its usage in code and press Ctrl+Alt+F7 (Edit | Find | Show Usages in the main menu), scroll the list and click the desired usage.

ctrl + backspace

Use Basic Completion  within HTML, CSS and other files, for completing image file names.



Ctrl+Shift+Backspace (Navigate | Last Edit Location) brings you back to the last place where you made changes in the code.

Pressing Ctrl+Shift+Backspace a few times moves you deeper into your changes history.

Shift+F6 (Refactor | Rename).

You can easily rename your classes, methods and variables with automatic correction of all places where they are used.

To try it, place the caret at the symbol you want to rename, and press Shift+F6 (Refactor | Rename). Type the new name in the popup window that appears, or select one of the suggested names, and press Enter.phpstorm_rename

double shift

Find any action, symbol, or setting in PhpStorm with Double Shift



If you place the caret at certain symbol and press Ctrl+Alt+Shift+T, you will see the list of refactorings applicable to the current context.

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